Innovative Packaging Inc.
industrial and consumer product packaging specialists

Core Values


Doing what we say we are going to do, without exception


Making the effort to always understand our customers, team partners and employees points of view


Running a candid, clear and honest business, open for our customers, employees and team partners


Treating all people, customers, employees and team partners, the way we want to be treated 


Maintaining a keen awareness of our role in the lives of our customers, employees and team partners; striving to make them proud of their affiliation with Innovative Packaging, Inc.

Implementation of Core Values

Each team member, partner and employee must maintain these core values every day, in all efforts, to truly deliver sustainable performance and add continuous improvement for our customers.

Our Core Values are implemented through our behavior and actions, thus determining our level of success and the value delivered to all people involved with us.  The demonstration of these Core Values is the real measure of our success at Innovative Packaging, Inc.