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 OutPack™ Blister card Pack is a REVOLUTIONARY  Patent Pending design that will save you money and reduce your lead time!

Innovative Packaging, Inc. presents OutPack™ our patent pending High Speed Packaging System for producing Blister Packs, Clamshells & Club Pack Card packages using the most advanced automation technology and process enhancements available today!

Keep your competitive edge with OutPack’s™


versus any current blister, clamshell or club store card packaging assembly system

This System is AVAILABLE NOW for purchase
Our process does not use damaging heat and pressure sealing thaother blister card assembly processes require. Utilize the most delicate and eye-catching print enhancements the market has to offer without worrying about reducing your ability to seal the cards or damage during assembly. Metallic inks & foils, holographics, tactile & specialty inks, laser die cutting & etching and much more. Give your package the best visual appearance possible and increase your customer impact. Take advantage of all the print market has to offer!
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100% Recycled & 100% Recyclable

OutPack™ allows you the freedom to use almost any packaging material made for your blister packs, clamshells & club packs—with almost no restrictions. You can go with 100% recycled papers & plastic